May 11

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First announcement of Tesla Energy Powerwall, as originally posted on May 1st, 2015 over at Tesla Energy Announces Powerwall Home Batteries for 3 000 USD Android Forum at

Here’s some undeniably cool off topic high-tech news for your Friday afternoon pleasure. Tesla Motors officially announced they are creating a spin-off division called Tesla Energy which will sell home batteries for a very affordable price.

For weeks we were teased that Tesla was planning to unveil their home battery product, but the final official announcement kicked off and surprised everyone for being even more affordable than originally thought. The home solution is called the Powerwall and there will be two options available. The cheapest option is a 7k/Wh model for $3,000.00 USD, and the second option is a 10k/Wh model for $3,500.00.

The Powerwall is only a few feet high, a few feet across & 6 inches thick, and it weighs 100kgs (220lbs). The device can be mounted on the outside of your house, or in your garage (or really anywhere you decide in your home). The above price for the device does NOT include the installation, so you will need to hire a professional electrician for that.

There are a couple of things worth noting about the Powerwall. One is that you can add more than one battery to your house if you want to maximize how much energy it can save you based upon your personal electricity usage. The other is that it can be used even if you don’t have a solar energy sub-system, yet it can still save you around 25% or more on your electric bills.

The way it handles this feat is by charging itself during non-peak hours (like at 3am for instance), while you then use the battery power during peak hours. The reason this saves you money is that most electric companies charge different rates based upon the…

May 11

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It looks like Tesla’s new Powerwall battery storage for homes option is already off to a phenomenal start. According to released figures from Tesla, they already received 38,000 total reservations for Powerwall and 2,500 reservations for Powerpack (the Powerpack is the commercial version of the Powerwall). For folks who are good at math (or decide to crack out the calculator), that amounts to $179 million worth of Powerwall reservations and $625 million worth of Powerpack reservations (based upon their retail price). Mashing those two numbers together yields a tad over $800 Million in sales.

Anytime a company drops a new product on the market that quickly amasses nearly a billion dollars in sales, you can’t help but be optimistic. Here’s a quote with a few more details,

Tesla has also shared that the Powerwall is sold out until mid-2016 based upon the massive demand. Here at TeslaEnergyForum we aren’t really surprised. It will be amazing to see how quickly things start to change in the world of energy over the next few years. Stay tuned for more news on Tesla’s latest technology movements.

May 11

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Tesla Energy for Businesses
Based on the powertrain architecture and components of Tesla electric vehicles, Tesla energy storage systems deliver broad application compatibility and streamlined installation by integrating batteries, power electronics, thermal management and controls into a turn key system.Tesla’s energy storage allows businesses to capture the full potential of their facility’s solar arrays by storing excess generation for later use and delivering solar power at all times. Tesla Energy for Businesses anticipates and discharges stored power during a facility’s times of highest usage, reducing the demand charge component of the energy energy bills.Energy storage for business is designed to:

  • Maximize consumption of on-site clean power
  • Avoid peak demand charges
  • Buy electricity when it’s cheapest
  • Get paid by utility or intermediate service providers for participating in grid services
  • Back up critical business operations in the event of a power outage

Highlighted Tesla Energy Businesses
Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a robust, fully featured technology infrastructure platform in the cloud comprised of a broad set of compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services from data center locations in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore. More than a million customers, including fast-growing startups, large enterprises, and government agencies across 190 countries, rely on AWS services to innovate quickly, lower IT costs, and scale applications globally. To serve these customers, AWS is committed to operating in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In addition to the environmental benefits inherently associated with running applications in the cloud, AWS has a long-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure footprint. Today, three…