FTC Shares Support for Tesla’s Direct-to-Consumer Sales

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    The FTC recently published a “strongly worded” public letter to try and convince States like New Jersey, Michigan and Missouri to change their stance on Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales business model. The letter specifically targeted Michigan because the governor there recently signed a law that specifically bans the direct-to-consumer sales of Tesla vehicles in the state.

    The FTC is trying to get the state to reconsider its stance buy showing support Tesla and the consumer. The FTC points out “states should allow consumers to choose not only the cars they buy, but also how they buy them.” Here’s a link to the letter so you can read its entire contents: Direct-to-consumer auto sales It s not just about Tesla Federal Trade Commission

    Unfortunately, this is not an official ruling by the FTC, so it basically has no teeth. The state of Michigan can effectively ignore it.

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